Dear Sir, Madam,

May we begin by introducing ourselves?

The Char Main foundation (Charity Hand foundation) was established at the end of November 2001.
Char Main is a symbolic metaphor, Char Main extends a hand to help build.
The purpose of the foundation is to help establish, support and guide local and regional development projects around the world.

Our current project proposes to help organize and lend financial support for the building of cisterns for drinking water, toilets and mandis (water containers for washing/ bathing) in 4 mountain villages in the Sikka district on the island of Flores in Indonesia.

Health and sanitary conditions in these villages are very bad. According to the EPOS heath report 76 out of 1000 babies born will die within 1 year and 56 % of the children under the age of five are undernourished.

The harvest yields are poor and the population lives from fishing at sea or by working elsewhere in the fields, both of which are dependent on the season.

Water resources are scare and people have to walk 3 hours to a neighbouring village to buy water.
Because water is in short supply the people often have to drink the water from coconuts and banana trees or palm wine.

The few water wells that exist are in a lamentable state.
The most common illnesses are those attended by severe diarrhoea and malaria.

That is why in the realisation of the project the following points have been taken into account:
Information and educational courses to improve stands of hygiene
Improvements in hygiene and a healthy lifestyle
Education and training in the maintenance and repair of water cistern, toilets and mandi’s
Health centres with set opening times and a competent staff, a stock of medical supplies relevant health information and they offer First Aid.
Within a good relationship, the Char Main foundation works comfortably and very closely with local experts . The Char Main foundation also works with specialist who knows the habits of these mountain people and speaks their dialect.

Your contribution goes straight to the communities and families who need it, in reality from people to people.

In March 2002 the undersigned visited the villages concerned in the district of Sikka on the island of Flores together with a producer from Dutch TV Oost. After many meetings and negotiations with technical and healthcare management personnell a contract was signed.

Background information on this project:
The brick built water cistern has a capacity of 30.000 litres of rainwater, which can be stored for the dry season
A standing toilet pot
A mandi is a container for water, which can be scooped up and is used to wash the whole body. The capacity is 360 litres of water.
The cistern, toilet and mandi form the basis for a healthy and hygienic life in these circumstances
Water is a weapon against poverty, water is life, and water is a necessity!

That is why we need to take action now. Please give us your support!
Help us make this project a reality.
Hopefully we have convinced you to work with us by providing financial support to give these people and their children the chance of a better, healthier life.
Every gift is welcome!

A cross check on the financial control will be carried out by a local manager. Our local legal solicitor is willing to provide you free tax advice over the law relating to gifts and the law governing legacies.

Charmain Foundation is a voluntary organization with a water sanitation and hygiene education project to improve life on the island of Flores, Sikka district in Indonesia.
Since 2004 there have been 70 major watertowers built with capacity of 30,000 liters of water and sanitary houses and four large watertowers for a district school building, healing center and a polyclinic.
Good durable results: Reduced infant mortality, reduced disease and irrigation of plots of land there is increase in crop yields, livestock, and reduced poverty.
Hundreds of children no longer have to help search for water and can go to school.
New project: Water Drilling with solar panels, which will benefit four hundred people

Thank you in advance for your donations and support,

Yours faithfully